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 Phir na kehna bewfa humko (Urdu)

This poem is in Urdu, so advance apologies for difficulties in understanding. I found this poem in an email on one of the entertainment e-group may be Bolonaa on msn, I am subscribed to so I am not sure about poet, source, reference etc.

yeh waqt bhi bara zalim hey

iss toofan main bikhar jaien gey hum

Phir na samet-na humko

Phir na dena sada humko

Phir na loat k aaiengey hum

Phir na kehna bewfa humko

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 Shahid Mahmood – Raiwind

Shahid is one of my friends I will remember in my life as a Noble Devil. First time I met him outside Barking Tube Station. He was introduced by Hassan (jolly) as very gentle and simple person (which he proved wrong later on).

He is indeed a symbol of hardwork and courage especially the way he found his job during initial job hunt and later on, once again, he proved these qualities when he was hunting …. (left for you to understand yourself) and afterward succeeded in it. Since that day I have lost him as he now belongs to someone else. But still he often come to see me only when he is running out of free minutes so that I might help him with giving few. But, Shahid yaar, I am really sorry as I have already told you its againest my rules. Sorry for that.

After all these jokes, I must admire him as a cooperative friend. He is indeed an excellent person with a very funny personality and smiling face. May Allah award him with success in his life (Ameen)!

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 Per…Tum Nahi Samjhi (Urdu Poem)

This poem is in Urdu, so advance apologies for difficulties in understanding. I found this poem in an email on one of the entertainment e-group may be Bolonaa on msn, I am subscribed to so I am not sure about poet, source, reference etc.

It is dedicated to one who knows it better then me; enjoy ..

Hamari Dosti aur Pyaar ke Beech ki Patli Lakeer
Kab Mia ne Paar ki nahi pata
Un Nazdekiyon ka sabab batana chaha tha mai ne

Per…Tum Nahi Samjhi

Sang Chata tha Tumhara, Sada ke liye
Kyon-ker Kaise Kehta Tum se?
Tumhare liye apna Pyaar Jatana Chaha tha mai ne

Per…Tum Nahi Samjhi

Kabhi Jhaank ker Meri Aankho mai dekha hota
Saari Dastaan Parh lete Tum
Be-Intiha Pyar Jhalakta tha Tumhare liye in mein

Per…Tum Nahi Samjhi

Badalon ko phar ker,
Taaron ki Chadar se jab Chalkti Chandni Chhuti Mukh ko
To lagta Bahon mai bhar liya Tum ne
Mai Taraptaa Raha Tumhare liye aur is Tarap ko

Per…Tum Nahi Samjhi

Apna Kaam, Apne Dost, Apne Sapno mai Khoi rahi
Apni Masrufiyat se Tumhein na Waqt mila
Mere sapney, Meri Aarzoo, Mere Armano ko

Per…Tum Nahi Samjhi

(the most important – to her)

Mere Armano ko Dafna ker Tum kisi aur ki hoi
Mere Aansuon ko Puchti Tum, Mujhe Samjhati rahi
Un Aansuon ka Sabab, Apna Pyaar Khone ki Tarap
Aur Meri Adhuri Kahani ko

Per…Tum Nahi Samjhi

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 Confused, how to start !!!

To be honest, I had plans that the day when I will put blog section, I will statrt writing and uploading stuff on it but things went on totally different ways. Because since I have put this section live, I cannot decide what to write and where to get start as I always want (like everyone) that atleast start should be good and nearly perfect.

After thinking a lot I though to write this junk post which will atleast build my confidence and will push me to write for another, when I get board of reading this one. Benefits ae that, now I have two posts on the website to read.

I hope readers are getting board of it but I am sorry as the aim of the website is to express my feelings/thinkings and views so I can’t do much to keep you involve, however you may comment on it. This might give me an idea to write something according to your interests.

I am sure that you can post stuff on this website, if, however you can’t then please don’t hesitate. Just send it to me and I will publish it.
After writing above few lines, I am feeling that it was all which I needed and feeling more comfortable to go ahead. I will be adding stuff in different categories from now onward. I would like to mention you that my favourite posts will be in Quotes as I think that will be only serious and most likely an informative section of my website and above all that it won’t be controversial.

Have a nice time, Good luck!

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 Getting Started!

Atlast, finally, I have uploaded this blog section on my website. Thanks to Asif who encouraged and pushed me to go for it and thanks to WordPress who provided this easy to use software.

I will keep on posting more stuff, please visit other sections.

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