Confused, how to start !!!

To be honest, I had plans that the day when I will put blog section, I will statrt writing and uploading stuff on it but things went on totally different ways. Because since I have put this section live, I cannot decide what to write and where to get start as I always want (like everyone) that atleast start should be good and nearly perfect.

After thinking a lot I though to write this junk post which will atleast build my confidence and will push me to write for another, when I get board of reading this one. Benefits ae that, now I have two posts on the website to read.

I hope readers are getting board of it but I am sorry as the aim of the website is to express my feelings/thinkings and views so I can’t do much to keep you involve, however you may comment on it. This might give me an idea to write something according to your interests.

I am sure that you can post stuff on this website, if, however you can’t then please don’t hesitate. Just send it to me and I will publish it.
After writing above few lines, I am feeling that it was all which I needed and feeling more comfortable to go ahead. I will be adding stuff in different categories from now onward. I would like to mention you that my favourite posts will be in Quotes as I think that will be only serious and most likely an informative section of my website and above all that it won’t be controversial.

Have a nice time, Good luck!

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